Quintessential Resources Ltd.

Drilling, Determination, Discovery

Quintessential Resources Ltd is a dynamic junior mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:QRL). QRL aims to explore and develop its highly prospective mineral properties in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Company is focused on exploring the Bismarck Exploration License EL 1727 for World Class gold and porphyry copper-gold deposits in one of the most prospective and under-explored geological address in the PNG Highlands.

Quintessential’s tenement portfolio also consists of EL1822 which covers 1528km2 over Goodenough, Fergusson and Sanaroa Islands, EL1823 East Normanby in Milne Bay and EL2045 Aria River is situated in West New Britian and covers 2563km2. Two EL applications are also pending, one on the island of New Britain and one application contiguous to EL1727 in Enga Province.

Quintessential’s vision is to create significant shareholder value from discovering and developing copper-gold and gold deposits within our tenement portfolio.

Quintessential are active explorers who own and operate the means of exploration including diamond drilling rigs and supporting heavy equipment to facilitate flexible and high impact exploration.

Teatox Australia: A Leader In Global Nutrition

Teatox Australia: A Leader In Global Nutrition

There are a plethora of nutritional supplements on the market today that are gobbled up by conscious humans across the globe, collectively attempting to fine tune their bodies’ functionality and facilitate well-being in a holistic sense. With new diets coming and going, and nutritional advice constantly changing, people are constantly on the look out for advice per optimizing their physical sense of self. Thankfully, a new Australian supplement provider has emerged, providing a vision of health and quality of product that may be unmatched. The international group is known as Teatox Australia, and since 2013 they have played a key role in improving the lives of thousands of people chasing a variety of health goals. The reach of Teatox Australia spans forty countries, achieving a reputation for supreme customer service and personalized nutritional plans.
Teatox Australia doesn’t simply represent a top of the line supplement provider offering genuine support through excellent service, Revive Me Tea – Teatox Australia is connected to the idea the people from all over the world can achieve proper personal health. To be more specific, they are not interested in pricing out people looking to improve their lives via a healthier lifestyle. While many other nutrition based companies have alienated certain segments of the world’s population by making products most people can’t simply afford, Teatox Australia provides an inclusive platform that revolves around giving people access to superior nutritional advice and supplements, no matter where they are.
This is a business that wants to change the world through improving lives via an emphasis on physical wellbeing that demonstrates it’s integrity through it’s adherence to fundamental principles, to which it actually follows through.

Buying Dog Beds For Their Dog

Buying Dog Beds For Their Dog

Dogs are similar to humans because they like a nice warm place to lay their head. Many do not consider dogs similar to humans, and this is a mistake because dogs can get sad, depressed, angry, and they have many needs like humans do. A human likes to sleep in a warm bed, and dogs like the same thing. Dogs prefer not to have to sleep on the hard, cold ground, so dog beds are a much better idea for those pet owners who want to keep their dog someplace cozy. Dog beds from Doggy Beds are not only cozy but are also inexpensive as well.

There are many stores that sell dog beds, but it’s possible to find the beds in fabric stores, especially stores that tend to sell pillows. Since dog beds are similar to pillows, it’s even possible to make one if necessary, but those who prefer the best type of beds will want to buy one that is specially made for a dog. Some may mistakenly purchase a bed for a dog thinking that it’s an oversized pillow for a human, but once a dog makes its way to the bed, then the realization becomes clear about what type of bedding it really is.

Even dogs that have their own houses will love dog beds because of the fact that it will help to keep them comfortable while they lay inside their own house. Whether the house is inside a garage or outside in the backyard, make sure the dog has a bed of its own, especially during the cold seasons. The dogs that have beds of their own are more likely to be happy dogs and to sleep better at night. A dog that sleeps well is less likely to stay up barking at neighbors and is less irritable, similar to human beings.

Choosing Architectural Designers in Melbourne

Choosing Architectural designers in Melbourne

It is everyone’s dream to own a house at one point in his/ her life. The process of building a new house is considered to be a serious endeavor. You will have to find lots of things during the process. One of the greatest is selecting the design of your home and the architectural designers that you will be working with. Lots of emphases should always be placed on getting the architectural designers in Melbourne that have the right experience, suit your taste and who will be able to complete the task within the agreed time frame and budget. Whether you are interested in having an entirely original design or looking for a home plan, there are lots of Luxury Living Homes – architectural designers in Melbourne that will be able and ready to assist you.

When you are interested in building a home in Melbourne, it is always a great idea to hire architectural designers who are based in Melbourne. This will ensure you reduce expenses you would have encountered by hiring designers outside Melbourne. New Zealand is known to have lots of great architectural designers with majority of them situated in Melbourne city. All you have to do is take your time and look for the various options you have for selecting the best architectural designer.

There are home owners who will always prefer having the traditional homes. However, there are some who will opt to have a more contemporary style. It doesn’t mind, either way, architectural designers in Melbourne who will be able to suit your needs. You will have to get a designer who suits your taste and performs the task within your budget. There are lots of other things that you will always have to deal with other than just the home design. You can always search for the best architectural designers in Melbourne at your free time.

The architectural designers in Melbourne always have different home plans. They will always provide you with various options that they have and help you in choosing the best design for your home. Whether you are interested in having a luxurious dream home, a majestic or primary one level home, you are always guaranteed to get some architectural designers in Melbourne who will be able to perform the task.